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Announcing Caliber Quality Solutions as MHQAP’s ISO 17024 Accredited Certification Body

Sep. 19, 2017
Morrison Hershfield collaborates with Caliber Quality Solutions to utilize each organization’s strengths and enhance the certification services provided to MHQAP clients and SPF installers.

TORONTO, September 19, 2017 - Building on Morrison Hershfield’s existing leadership in the spray polyurethane products industry with the third-party installer certification program, we are pleased to announce a collaboration with Caliber Quality Solutions (Caliber) to enhance the program operation. Caliber was previously responsible for the administration of MHQAP. This new approach leverages Caliber’s unique capabilities and expands their role within MHQAP. Caliber has received accreditation by International Accreditation Service (IAS) under ISO 17024 on August 1, 2017. In that regard, Caliber will now be the Certification Body under MHQAP.

Morrison Hershfield has now aligned its expertise in multi-disciplinary engineering services within MHQAP. Morrison Hershfield will focus on technical services within the program, such as installer evaluations, while Caliber assumes the responsibilities of the certification body. The MHQAP programs, scheme and documents remain the same but with a new team structure.

“I am very pleased with this enhanced version of the MHQAP program and opportunity to better serve our clients and the SPF industry through this collaboration. The Caliber team is focused on delivering high quality certification services and offering MHQAP clients modern IT solutions. We are, of course, very proud of this ISO accreditation and significant achievement.” – Dave André, Caliber

SPF Installers currently holding MHQAP certification under Morrison Hershfield have been transferred to a registry under Caliber as the new Certification Body. Non-accredited installers remain within a non-accredited registry and accredited installers within an accredited registry. All current certified installers will retain their existing wallet cards until annual renewal (December 2017). At annual renewal, new wallet cards with Caliber as the MHQAP Certification Body will be issued.

The MHQAP installer certification program has been developed to ensure that installers are properly trained, tested and evaluated. MHQAP is grateful to its partners for their support and collaboration in building consumer confidence through quality-based approaches. This new approach supports our objective of continuously improving MHQAP to the benefit of our clients and SPF installers.

For more information, please contact:

Dave André, P.Eng
Quality Assurance Program Manager

120 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 1000, | Toronto, Ont. M4P 1E2
1-888-5-QAP-HELP (1-888-572-7435)